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Driveway Cleaning in Southampton

We provide a professional driveway cleaning service in Southampton. Our powerful commercial grade pressure washing equpment can easily clean and rejuvenate all types of driveway including:

Block paving

Brick pavi

pattern imprinted 

concrete (PIC)

resin bound and resin

tarmac & concrete

Block paving cleaning & resanding service Southampton

AquaClean provide a quality and affordable block paving cleaning and resanding service in Southampton. After pressure washing your paving we offer a resanding service in which we resand the joints with kiln dried jointing sand.

Local Contractors For Patio & Driveway Surfacing in Southampton

Professional Driveway Cleaning

We are able to clean all types of staining from driveways including:

  • dirt
  • moss
  • chewing gum
  • paint spillages
  • black spot lichen
  • weeds

When cleaning driveways we use high power pressure washing equipment alongside eco-friendly cleaning solutions to completely restore them.

AquaClean clean residential driveways and larger commercial areas and car parks.

Our Southampton driveway cleaning team have a wealth of knowledge and industry experience when it comes to pressure washing driveways and it is because of this that they are able to produce amazing results for our customers

Why do you put sand in block paver joints?

Filling paver joints with sand is an integral part of the structure and it’s what gives a drive its strength and load bearing ability. Jointing sand helps hold the blocks in place and creates friction between the blocks. When cars are driven or parked on block paving this friction helps spread the weight.

Without the jointing sand it would mean the weight is concentrated onto individual blocks which are not able to withstand such extreme weight. They then begin to crack and the entire structure can suffer with loose blocks from a knock-on effect.

Using sand in the joints also prevents the ingress of large amounts of water which can cause the bedding sand to become waterlogged and destabilise block paving.

What is kiln dried sand?

Kiln dried sand is used as jointing sand between block and brick pavers. It is an extremely fine sand dried at high temperature and flows easily into the joints.

AquaClean are experienced at re-sanding block paving and can ensure this vital part of paving maintenance is done correctly.

Please call us for more details on our driveway cleaning service in Southampton.